AngularJS text filter (with C# string.format() syntax)

If you've read a few posts from my blog you'll probably see that I've done a bit of work in the .Net world. My day job requires me to use the .Net Framework for server side programming. I've spent a lot of time using C# and enjoy the language. I've also been doing a lot of work in the JavaScript (front-end) world recently. Primarily using the AngularJS framework. By the end of this post you'll »

Per-Type De/Serialisation in Json.Net WebApi

Just a quick post today, to help me remember more than anything - also because I couldn't find anything on Google with a similar title. This post will show Per-Type De/Serialisation in a Json.Net WebApi. I'm going to show how to do custom de/serialisation using Json.Net Converters. Media Formatters vs Converters There is another way to do custom de/serialisation of a Type. They are called Media Formatters. You can write »

Azure WebJobs and Dependency Injection

In my quest to find the "right way of doing things", or failing that "the least worst way of doing things" - I've come across a fairly well hidden secret about using Dependency Injection in Azure WebJobs. The full source code can be found in GitHub In this post I'm assuming you already know how to set up a WebJob (if not check out this article) - yes it is a bit long, but it's »