AngularJS Radio Track by Directive

In this post I'll explain and demonstrate a directive I've written which allows you to use similar behaviour of the "track by" options we are given in select lists in AngularJS with radio buttons. AngularJS does change tracking on any object which is assigned to a scope. Every time it examines our objects and looks for changes is called a "Digest Cycle". AngularJS uses "dirty checking" to check if our objects have changed. In an »

Running code after a digest cycle in AngularJS

While working with AngularJS and Highcharts, I had the need of running code after a digest cycle in AngularJS. The reason for this: I have 4 charts on a page, the X-Axis of all charts needs to be “synced” across charts– all charts need the same X-Axis “categories”. Each one of these charts sits in a container with some input fields – these input fields can be edited and then each container can be updated – via »