AngularJS putting a template in the $templateCache

This is a quick post about getting a template in the $templateCache. A SPA (Single Page Application) I'm building at work, consists of 4 "views". We expect the users to be on this page for a good while (anything from 5 mins upwards). The threat of losing internet connectivity is a real one and would render our application useless (we regularly call out to a JSON API to update results on the user's request). I've »

Upload to Amazon S3 using AngularJS

In this post I’m going to detail the steps to upload to Amazon S3 using angularJS. A friend contacted me as he needed a simple way for his users to upload large (GBs) files to his Amazon S3 bucket. Before, he was using a mix of dropbox sharing via and manually uploading once he has possession of the files. Obviously this doesn’t scale the more users who are trying to upload files – he »