AngularJS text filter (with C# string.format() syntax)

If you've read a few posts from my blog you'll probably see that I've done a bit of work in the .Net world. My day job requires me to use the .Net Framework for server side programming. I've spent a lot of time using C# and enjoy the language. I've also been doing a lot of work in the JavaScript (front-end) world recently. Primarily using the AngularJS framework. By the end of this post you'll »

Number formatting in Highcharts with Custom Tooltips

Highcharts is a fantastic library for drawing interactive charts on your website. I've been using it extensively over the past year or two. There are loads of extensibility points, if you don't like the default behaviour or need to change it slightly to fit your requirements, then it's more than likely Highcharts has you covered. Highcharts provides some very sane defaults, however the more you use it and want to push its boundaries the more »

$q.all() - Combining promises in AngularJS

Using $q.all() in AngularJS couldn't be simpler. $q is an Angular Service which facilitates running functions asynchronously. It's based on a library (Q) by Kris Kowal. $q.all() allows us to wait on an array (or object) of promises, $q.all() will combine these into a single promise. One Promise The returned promise abides by the following two rules: If one promise in the array fails, the combined promise fails If all promises succeed, »

Adding Multiline text to Highcharts

In this post I'm going to detail how to add multiline text (and centre it) in Highcharts. Note: You could do this in pure html - however I'm going to be doing it using the Highcharts renderer (it uses SVG) as I need the text in the SVG. As it will be sent to the server and rendered into a PNG by an SVG-to-Bitmap library (see that post here) If you want to skip ahead »