ASP.NET Core MVC - Common Components/(Partial)Views across applications

By the end of this post you'll have an understanding of how to share common View Components and (Partial)Views across different Web Applications in ASP.NET Core MVC. I'm in the process of building a website, I'm lazy and don't like writing things twice/maintaining two slightly different copies of code/components. I recently found the need to share components across two different web applications (they're really 2 parts of the same goal - »

IConfiguration in .NetCore

In this post I'm going to give an overview of IConfiguration in .NetCore and also give examples on how to set this up with a provider and how to use different files to override configuration values. The full source code is available here. I will try and keep this up to date until .NetCore RTM (v1). IConfiguration The package can be found here: This package contains the »