Raspberry Pi 2 - Windows 10 IoT - Getting Started

Unfortunately Windows 10 IoT only works on the Raspberry Pi 2 (which is ARM7). It will not work on the “original” Raspberry Pi models (as these are ARM11). I bought a Rasbperry Pi 2, case, 8GB micro SD cardand power cable (standard Micro USB lead – commonly used for phone chargers) from amazon. Amazingly, the price of this came to about £38. Windows 10 To write programs/deploy to Windows 10 IoT onthe Raspberry »

Raspberry Pi - Door Sensor

At work recently, I’ve come to notice how much people use the toilet….. Bear with me on this one! We’re currently under a bit of a change at work– we’ve lost a section of our building mostly used for meeting rooms. We’ve also lost a number of toilets. Now in our “reduced space” we’ve got less toilets for the same amount of people. This means that getting up to go »